How to Care For Your Sports Bras


Are you a sporty person? During your training or sports, there are things that are to be used. Sports bra is commonly used by women who are fond of doing sports. This is used in order to support the breasts and keep it protected while engaging in sports and other activities. Physical exercise requires heavy or intense movement. Because of this, sports bra should be worn. It is especially designed for women for the breasts to be in good position despite of intense workout. Sports bra is stronger and sturdier compared to typical bras. It minimizes the movement of the breast. Because you are moving when doing exercise, your breasts also move.

In order to prevent the movement of your breasts, you need to use sports bra. It also alleviates discomfort and reduces the damage of the ligaments in the chest. Sports bra also reduces pain during exercise. Everything has limitation. Your sports bra also needs care and protection. This is in order for the sports bra to serve you longer. As you do exercise, you will need the bra. There is maintenance tips that you need to do. These are the following:

  • Start to have three sports bra. Make sure that you have two or more because one sport bra is not enough. If you only have one bra, there is a tendency that it will be damage or wear out easily. If you are performing intense exercise every day and you use only one bra, most likely it will not serve you for longer time. One sports bra means that you will wash and hang the bra daily.
  • Bacteria and sweat are not good for your sport bra but it does not mean to wash the bra every time. Make sure that you wash the bra for up to three times of wearing depending on the kind of workout that you have done.
  • Wash your sports bra through hands. It will help your bra to last long, rather than washing it by machine. The fabric of the bra is different from your other clothing. The detergent that you should use is fabric detergent. This is suited only for your sports bra in order to remove the sweat.
  • After washing, hang it on a safe and clean area. Remember not to put your sports bra in a dryer. This will make the bra to wear out easily.
  • Make sure that you are aware when to replace your sports bra and buy another one. If it is already damaged and loose, better to use another. The main reason of having sports bra is for comfort and protection. If it is not supportive, get another one. Another thing is that when you lose or gain weight, you need to purchase another sports bra that is suited to your size.

These are the things that you should observe when having the sports bra. Make sure that you are aware about its importance. Having sports bra will make you comfortable. Because of this, you need to be sensitive and know when you replace your sports bra.

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